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Building technology at the highest level!

The LoccoZ offers you product, services and solution models that are sustainable, cost-saving and profitable. With the technologies of LoccoZ you get the intelligent total building solution! We focus on people and the environment. Our products represent an environment friendly solution that meets the highest quality standards. We take responsibility for society and advocate social justice. We meet challenges with openness and competence. As an economic company, we can offer individual business and investment models to our customers. Dealing with the resources of water, power, heat and cold provide the customer with significant added value in ecological, economic and social terms. In this way, we ensure a successful continuity, which is always developed from all three principles of sustainability.


  • significant reduction of CO2 emissions
  • energy generated from renewable sources
  • preserve on resources
  • heat and cold recovery
  • all renewable sources can be integrated into the system of LoccoZ
  • applicable in new and old buildings
  • consideration and involvement of given environmental factors


  • improved energy efficiency
  • 60% less water consumption
  • 50% less power consumption
  • state-of-the-art operation technology
  • consumption measurement
  • significant increase in value of the building
  • fast return on your investment
  • low investment costs
  • low overheads
  • low maintenance costs


  • 24/7 power availability for everyone
  • clean water for everyone
  • improved hygiene in the entire building technology
  • modular design
  • optimal room climate and living climate